Sunday, February 23, 2014

This Morning We Saw a Dolphin next to City Island

Early this morning, my good friend and neighbor, Willem bumped into me while I was putting my SUP on my car. After less than a five minutes of chat I invited me to join me on a flat water winter training session in Pehlam Bay, in the New York Bronx.

After a quick trip we arrived at our launch point and the conditions were just EPIC. No wind at all, no wave, bright blue sky and not a boat on the water.

Leveraging on such good conditions we paddled all the way to Execution Rock Lighthouse, located between in Long Island Sound.

The paddle was nothing short of ideal and as we were going on our way back I spotted something on my left... It looked like a seal, only with a big fin...What is this THING???... I am like - could this be a....... DOLPHIN!?!?

We decided to paddle to it and we saw it - a grey little dolphin, taking little breath and "paddled" around us for a while!

Then a couple of seals decided to join our party and it was just UNBELIEVABLE... I mean, here we are, at approx. 10 minutes drive from the city, surrounded by a dolphin and a couple of seals...

After catching a wild Atlantic Salmon last year I thought I have seen it all... but NO Long Island Sound always manage to surprise me by its bio-diversity and its gorgeous colors!

Winter Paddling is amazing! Go out there!

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