Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fishing at Night for Striped Bass around New York City

Hi everyone

Fishing at night is not easy.

You have to be prepared, concentrated and very aware. Because night is the time where the big fish feed, I have been doing a little bit of night fishing with my good friend LQN who likes it more than me.

Night fishing is daunting at first... you don't know where you are, where to cast and even if fish see your fly or your lure...

The only way to get strikes and catch fish is easy to summarize: FISH SLOWLY... That's it... nothing else beats a slow moving fly or lure when you fish at night. Don't focus on the depth of your lure but rather keep in mind that big fish will generally feed in the first 2 feet of water and keep in mind that you'd need to use dark color.

That is IT - Be concentrated, set your drag a little tighter if you are going to fish in rough conditions and do not forget your head lamp and your Korkers - Safety First!


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