Monday, April 29, 2013

I caught an Atlantic Salmon in New York City - From the Bronx, on my kayak!

Unbelievable... but true!

Last week my wife told me to "go catch some striped bass" and it was with a lot of confidence that I planned my fishing.

Friday after work went kayaking by night in Pehlam Bay until 11:30 pm for nothing (and I saw people landing bass (big) from shore - froze my arse off and it was frustrating...

Saturday: hit JayBay from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm for... nada... same story I heard people catching them from the kayak... [Very] frustrating..

On Sunday, my wife and I went to Pelham Bay, in the Bronx for a picnic on the shore and after we are finished eating, well, I wanted to try a couple of time with my spinning rod, casting a white grub and my wife was reeling it in... On her first retrieve - BLAM! a healthy upper teen fish! Was thrilled for her but when I tried I couldn't hook a single one! I was almost about to give up and face the truth... my luck is gone, even my wife outfish me :)

Almost by pity, she granted me a one hour paddle from City Island, while she took a nap in the car. Conditions were "so-so", strong winds pushing offshore, cold water and absolutely no one on the water (why would you go? right?).

Gearing up, I know this is truly my last "chance" to land one. So I started to paddle and aim for a couple of submerged blocks I know, using this same "white grub", thinking its "mojo" could be my savior...

Well, on my first cast I "felt" something... A short "thunk"... Considering my level of luck, I thought it was maybe a bunker that rolled in my line or short bass... Anyway, I make another cast, this time in the rocks, reeling fast, and BLAM! now that is a "real" fish... Funny though, it doesn't fight like a bass, nor like a bluefish... I am like "hey, may be it is a weakfish!"

After a rather short battle I finally get to see "it" - a dark blue fish... that looks like a trout! WTF is this? Also, I see that it has swallowed the grub and the hook is in the gills deep :(... After a little struggle to calm it down, I have leashed it to see if the gills will stop bleeding but after few minutes, the fish is no more...

I head back to shore, looking at this gorgeous fish... Man, did I tried hard for this one! I have caught a lot of salmonids (brown, coho, king) in my life but this one is not a trout (since the eye and jaw line are aligned) and it's not still clear if it is an Atlantic Salmon or a Steelhead - DEC will analyse to confirm and identify it.

Since I really like "Jacks bait and Tackle" I showed the fish and the guys were like "I have been workin' here for more than 15 years, and I have never seen something like this ever" - was a lot of fun.

It is still a "bitter-sweet" catch since I would have rather released the fish, but since it was badly hooked, there is nothing I could have done.

All the best and keep fishing!

An Atlantic Salmon in New York City!

A close up on the fish!

Another Shot for the Road :) 


LQN said...

awesome! will be curious to see what the results are....looks like an atlantic salmon but I've never seen one before.

Sylvain said...

Awesome catch dude !

I Fish New York said...

Thanks guys!

Anonymous said...

Well done, dude! My congratulations!!!