Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fishing from a Stand Up Paddle Board for Striped Bass

Hi There!

I took a long paddling trip from City Island to Execution Rock lighthouse and found perfect conditions - little wind, no traffic and a good amount of bait fish.

I was kind just really "in tune" with everything but I was still fishing and catching small striped bass when I saw a big school of bait fish behaving like they were stressed out... Interesting... so I decided to try my chance and BAM... my line stopped for a moment... the fish was barely moving... and then my drag screamed... wow! I was standing up and decided to go for the ride...

As minutes passed I was almost sure that it was a big Bluefish... and was so happy to see a big "striper" coming up!

Only problem, the fish inhaled the hooks and was pretty badly hooked so I decided to keep it (I usually keep 2-3 fish a year, for conservation purpose but also because it is very awkward to first have a SUP in the street of NYC AND a big huge fish that takes hours to clean, cut and filet )

This is not a monster but at 43 inches and 22 pounds it is a big fish on my book.

I wish I had a Go Pro camera because for an hour or so it was amazing to see these bait fish getting crushed by big striped bass - caught two other big ones but they were safely released to live, spawn and caught another day!

Tight lines to all of you Stand Up Paddle anglers!


sebrightman said...

That is an awesome fish to hook from a paddle board. Surprised you weren't towed to the Jersey shore!

James said...

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I Fish New York said...

@ sebrightman - Thx a lot man! it was quite a struggle! and the fish did towed me around for quite a ride.

@ James: I look at this, it sounds appealing!

Anonymous said...

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