Thursday, January 5, 2012

Texas Fishing on the Fly

Spent some time in the Lone Star State - Boy was it good to leave the Big Apple for a while...

The feeling of freedom is still vibrant in Texas - People are friendly, sky is so blue it is striking... there is so many lakes to explore that a life time of fishing will not be enough to explore these waters!

Everything started by a nice flight from the "Big Apple" to Dallas, I have been really lucky to take a nice aerial picture of Lewisville Lake, located north of Dallas Fort Worth (see below)

After a little scouting here and there I decided to approach these big waters on a different angle... The fishing season is pretty much over in North Texas, the water is damn cold and based on recent reports I will have a heck of a tough time to land a fish...

For many, this reports combined with the cold would be enough to stay home... luckily I don't give up that easily and exploring new places is my thing... preferably by running / scouting. I feel like exploration in a car is not as fun... you are going to fast to really capture the essence, the particularities of a place - you can't really get it...

My strategy was based on a "top - bottom" approach: follow a creek to the lake. Pretty simple plan, and pretty crazy exploration since it is muddy as hell.  It was well worth it at so many levels...

The pictures below are a summary of my Texan exploration - Discovering the forgotten creek.

Following the Creek Part 1

Following the Creek...Part 2 

Getting there...

The mouth of the rivers merging in the lake!

Going Dirty - Texan Mud is hard to beat!
The Fish of Texas - Never caught them before - There is a first time for everything!

White Bass - Fresh water cousin of our beloved Striped Bass

Bass are everywhere in Texas! Protecting water one step at a time

A Small Mouth Buffalo Carp - They love nymphs!

A LM Bass - Eating nymphs designed for Trouts :)

Crappie are a lot of fun to catch

The Alligator Gar! 
Texas fishing is truly something different, landscapes are amazing and the lakes are perfect for fishing - not mention how friendly people are... All the folks I met while while fishing were REALLY great people - I will be back for more!



Richyla said...

Great article with great fishes! Can't wait for my first fishing experience in NYC! Bonne Année :). Richy.

I Fish New York said...

@ Richy: The season will start at the end of April. Happy new Years to you too! Let's go fishing together this year :)

Anonymous said...

Nice report Pierre!
Cette année on essaye de se voir si je passe par NYC!

I Fish New York said...

@Olivier: Sans probleme - my pleasure!

mtflyfishguide said...

Nice sight, I've never seen a Gar, come say hi and talk some trout if you are in Sommerset in 2 weeks

I Fish New York said...

@ mtflyfishguide: I will be there! It is a great show... You have a booth or something?

Benjamin CLERGET said...

Impressive pics !!