Friday, November 4, 2011

Fall Run 2011 - September

The "Fall Run" is the word used by fishermen to describe the annual migration of the Striped Bass that occurs in the Fall.

Each year, striped bass swim back to their spawning grounds and "pack up" on food before the long winter.

Fueled by the bait fish that leave shores and bays, the striped bass normally hunt these preys along the beach of the North East of the USA. This year has been very challenging to fish from shore because the weather has been really affected by the Hurricane "Irene" that not only disturbed the fishing conditions but also caused NY and NJ state some very serious floods, causing a very murky water.

Breezy Point Jetty
This murky water, coupled with very high winds and the quasi-absence of sand eels has been the source of a very tough season. New Jersey shore around Sandy Hook is known to be a really great place for surf fishing - but this year, I didn't get the chance to witness any "Blitz"... and the action has been very very slow...

My New SUV allowing to fish from the Shore!
Anyway, at a personal level, my season has been really great! I now have a SUV and a Kayak that allows me to fish, anywhere I want. No more headaches trying to figure out a way to access a spot, no more waiting in vain for a potential fish to swim by... in one word: FREEDOM.

The First Bass on the Kayak!
Jamaica Bay and its surroundings is the perfect place to pursue fishing opportunities from a kayak... The diversity of species, birds and spots accessible form a kayak are truly ENDLESS.

A very healthy 35 inch bass caught in Jamaica Bay, NY
If your thing is exploring go inside the bay and follow the marches, if you're like me and you like to fish waves and currents, go fish the mouth of the bay where the Atlantic Ocean meets the bay!

A typical size fish caught this year
Exploring new grounds and territory is something I enjoyed since my early age and if I can coupled this with a fishing rod in my hand then it is even better.

Breezy Point, Waves are forming, creating hot spots 
Jamaica Bay at low tide, in the maze...

Penfield Reef Lighthouse, Connecticut

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