Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Small World

Three years ago I met a dude who was fishing with a light SAGE spinning rod in the East River... I was like - DUDE, you got to be crazy to use a Sage rod, that light in the East River, during prime season of Bluefish...

After a small talk, I have found out that this dude was from France, and that he was working for Urban Anglers in NYC! Well, a small talk turned into a long conversation and, Nicolas told me about a spot where he just missed a real big one...

Needless to say that I came to the spot and we landed a nice Bluefish, on a SPRO bucktail, the fish was caught by my buddy Charles-Henri and it was a memorable experience since I had to jump in the water to land this fish :)

Long story short, Nicolas and I stayed in touch and he is now publishing a great article on Predators, a french fishing magazine! He is describing his fishing adventure in NYC but on the Fresh Water side! A great Large mouth fisherman!

His great article is below! so enjoy, the article is in FRENCH!

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