Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fly Tying Experiments

Since I first tied my dry fly when I was a child, I have tied a lot of random flies, based on the season, on my constant evolving approach of fly fishing and of course a lot of trials and errors.

The whole approach of tying "pretty" flies doesn't sound right to me. In my opinion, fly-fishing is not the time to wonder about how "pretty" flies but fishing with flies that works and that land fish.

Also, I think that the abundance of tying materials is mind numbling but it is also a great opportunity for us tyers to mix natural and artificial.

Feel free to let me know of my latest creation, inspired by the excellent flies of Steve Farar, Bob Popovics and all the tyers that contribute to the sport of fly fishing in saltwaters.

All the best,

Good imitation of Sand Eels

Clousers, Half & Half and my Ugly Beast

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Anonymous said...

Remember the fly's always catching the angler before catching the fish...