Monday, January 24, 2011

Fly Fishing Show

This weekend was the Fly Fishing Show Tour in Somerset, New Jersey.

It was a first time for me and I would say that it was quite an experience... This show is just SICK, you can basically find all the best gear, try it, meet the leaders of the industry and talk to them.

I have been lucky enough to go there with my wife and to meet friends there.

I have tried the new G Loomis NRX rods and the new TFO BVK aka Bernard Victor Kreh series. I have tried them on a 8 Weight 9 feet... Both rods are amazing, they are fast, but smooth. They are precise and forgiving. Special mention to the NRX that delivers a good cast even if you screw your backcast...

Check the pic people, it was just AWESOME to meet one of the most legendary angler ever... He even cracked a joke when I approach him:

Him: "Wanna a picture son?"
Pierre-Antoine: "Yeah, I would love that. I am from France!"
Him: "Are you LOST?"

Good times for sure...


Anonymous said...

BRAVO !! Lefty Kreh est notre héros !!! Au Mouching nous avons un portrait de lui que nous honorons de présents et brulons en son honneur des encens purificateurs ! Quand à son livre, Fishing Knots, il est dans nos cabinets et pour obtenir du PQ il faut réaliser un perfection loop les yeux fermés !! C'est bête, on était à NYC et à Brooklyn cette semaine...
Le Mouching Crew.

New York Fishing said...

Lefty Kreh is a hero. Period. Next time you are around, ping me and I will hook you up with some Striped Bass!

Keep up the good work!